Virtual Wire – Indian Technology for well going wireless

While Indian Outsourcing was turning from a boon to a curse in the west considering the public outcry over it; the focus of the world was on the call centers and the BPO industries in India that they believed were taking over a lot of the jobs from the west. And in the mean time India turned into a powerful R&D machine. This somewhat has caught the west unaware, and is bringing these sparks of genius that are making us Indians proud. Today, I would like to bring ahead another such an innovation that is sprouting out of India.

After phones and laptops, it’s time for plasma television, video game consoles and DVD players to learn to link up without wires. Vishal Chandra, the 29-year-old chief executive of Virtual Wire Technologies and his colleagues from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, (IIT-D) say they are two years away from developing a new generation of chips that will provide a¬†wireless link from the sleek television set mounted on your drawing room wall to the desktop computer in your study, all within Rs2,000 or <AED 200.

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