Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the healthiest of them all

From the time when the first Fairy Tales were written, it has been imagined that the Mirror might provide more than just a skin deep reflection of one’s self. Although science has been forecasting this in many ways, it’s been a bit of a challenge in terms of achieving it. Concept videos showing Automated Homes of the future always use the Mirror as a good place to place information for the user to see, as this seems to be something that nearly everyone looks into at least once in the morning when they are freshening up after they wake up.

The concept of using the Mirror as a screen for more than just the reflection of the person in front of it has been used by Advertising companies in many locations, in Dubai Deira City center is a good example in Bangalore Mantri Mall is a good example too where there are screens at the back of the mirrors which are visible only when they are operational, else they tend to be like a normal mirror. I also had a chance to implement one of these solutions in Le Reve tower in Dubai, where every bathroom connected to the master bedroom has the facility to use the screen behind the mirror for morning news and things like that.

Now a new innovation from a graduate student from MIT, has enabled to produce a low cost Medical Mirror. This Medical Mirror can measure and display several health indicators such as the pulse and blood pressure of a person standing in front of it. The Student Ming-Zher Poh modified an ordinary webcam and it can now study a human face and measure the brightness variations produced by blood flow thorough the vessels in the face. What makes this innovation even more interesting is the fact that since it just uses a normal modified webcam it will be low cost, meaning affordable to many. And if you are wondering about the accuracy of the device, apparently this new webcam based system performed as well as medical devices approved by the American FDA (Food and Drugs Authority). Variations to this device with more diagnostics will spawn out, and the future of looking deeper than just the skin will become a reality.

Check out the video with an explanation from the inventor himself.

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