Wordless Thursday – Killer Cars, the most dangerous

Cars are one of the most common modes of transport, and in Dubai alone there are over 350 people who die is collisions every year according to a Gulf News Article. So while reading that I started looking for the most killer cars, as in the cars in which most of these people die in, it could be just cos the cars are so popular that there are so many of them. And a good percentage of them are “Killer Cars”, of just that the cars are themselves responsible. So do you drive one of these ?

Wordless Thursday is this blog’s attempt at bringing interesting infographic to all of you. Hope you have likes them, and like always be Inquisitive.


Wordless Thursday – Revolution in every generation

My life is constantly changing and evolving, especially in how we lead our day to day. I would love to go behind the scenes to research upcoming technologies but cant. However. it’s always a pleasant surprise when big new things come out.

This infographic highlights big inventions that impact our lifestyles greatly. It does a good job of getting lots of cool info into one piece. I must say however I’d like to see more of the ‘graphic’ section of infographic. There’s definitely some cool statistics and charts that could be thrown in with all these great ideas. A cool fact you may not catch a first glance: 2.8 million e-mails are sent every second!

Wordless Thursday – Sitting is killing you

Wordless Thursday is back this week, and with it is a warning note. Sitting down in killing you, well when I say you I mean all of us. Here are the effects of sitting down a lot. I remember everyone anyone passes away, there is a comparison made about the person used to not drink, not smoke and still he died young. Well this graphic should explain and help know better of why those guys maybe passed away.

Wordless Thursday is an attempt of the Inquisitive Minds to bring the most interesting Infographics from around the world to light. Each week on Thursday we feature interesting and inquisitive Infographics that at the very least make you think about the life around you.

Wordless Thursday – Love your eyes

Its Thursday again, and time for Wordless Thursday. This week’s wordless thursday is dedicated to one of the most important sense of all the six senses, the Eyes or Sight. What do you need to do to take care of your eyes, and what’s the special about them. The amazing eye and how to take care of them is featured this week.

For all you guys visiting here for the first time, Wordless Thursday is this blog’s way of bring new and interesting info graphics every week.  Infographics are graphics made to make statistical information a bit more interesting than it actually is.

Wordless Thursday – What is a Data Scientist

This week’s infographic is actually a profession. Something that I would like to give a hand at, but actually I think that guys like Pointy Haired Dilbert might end up being really awesome at. Either way, the definition of a Data Scientist is a person who can analyze, present and make action plans based on information that is collected and help people make better decisions using the information by making it more understandable.

Wordless Thursday – That’s what THAY say

This weeks wordless Thursday will be something that anyone and everyone will be able to read and relate into. Because this Info graphic has been created using information that people have collected from regular people like you and me providing with a statistical view of the world. Created by the website Hunch, which helps find recommendations that are customized to your taste. And how do they customize information by collecting information from people. Here are some Hunch insights and correlations based on selective THEY questions:

Wordless Thursday – 10 commonly misunderstood english words

I am reminded of the dialog from the movie “Namak Halal” one of my favourites, “I can talk english, I can walk english I can speak english, cos english is a funny language”. I do not think we as Indians are awesome at English does not mean that we are not bad with it. However like the rest of the world there are among us who are really grammar geeks, I have a sister who is one. Another friend who makes fun of my spellings, Frankly without the auto correct and checking feature on most programs I would have been the worst blogger on the planet, with spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

This weeks Wordless Thursday we look at some of the most misunderstood words in English. :) Help !

Wordless Thursday – The real effects of Drinking and Driving

Welcome back to Wordless Thursday this week and this item we talk about something that is really a threat to our society. I agree I have been guilty of this before, but not anymore. The infographic shows the real impact of Drunk driving or drinking and driving. Drivers of drinking and driving accidents in many countries are now being charged with Attempt to Murder, and I believe that is true. Your comments welcome.

Wordless Thursday – Small things, Large Impact

Back again this week with Wordless Thursday, the feature that posts interesting infographics, which you guys love so much. Introducing this week’s Infographic is a pleasure to me, this is because I know and believe that these small things do really cause a large environmental impact. And with the environmental impact being positive we can hopefully offset some of the harming activities that we all so normally ignore. Like they say every watt saved, is a watt generated. Add to it the financial impact.

Wordless Thursday – Women in Business

Its long been professed that women make lesser money than men in work atmospheres, however recently women are taking on men and doing a good job at beating them at their game. I am sure its gonna be a while before that happens in the construction industry though. In the mean time, the Infographic of the week at this week’s wordless thursday is a cool comparison chart for the same.

However it would have been cooler if the Infographic looked more at other countries than just the US and Europe.

Wordless Thursday – Coffee vs Tea

The eternal debate is back, between coffee and tea. Which one is better for you and which one you should be drinking, if world wide sales are anything to go by, Tea seems to have a bit of a head start when it comes to consumption. I think its to do with Asians drinking Tea, and the westerners drinking coffee. However South India has more of a coffee culture than the west.

For the new ones on this blog, Wordless Thursday is my attempt of bringing teh Inquisitive world around us into the forefront in the form of Inquisitive Infographic. Although I do not create all the infographics, I still think they are worth sharing.

Wordless Thursday – Facts about your Mouth

Apart from its primary role as the first step of digestion, the mouth plays other important roles, especially in communication. Another non digestive role of the mouth is secondary social or sexual activity, i.e kissing. This week’s wordless Thursday aims to provide you with enough information regarding the mouth to make you look smarter in front of that date, maybe even enticing her to use it for secondary social and sexual activity :)

For the new ones on this blog, Wordless Thursday is my attempt of bringing teh Inquisitive world around us into the forefront in the form of Inquisitive Infographic. Although I do not create all the infographics, I still think they are worth sharing.